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    . Android game FallenSouls cheat hack code -crystal, mithril stone, gold, upgrade materials, vip, summon, level up, gem diamond (New York, Unated state).

    Bountiful spoils - among them, the experience crystal can be used to upgrade heroes. Tap the heroes button. Here you can browse through all your heroes. Tap hero to upgrade, advance or equip skill. Can only equip skills for idle heroes. Assign hero squad at war hall. You can recruit more heroes in the tavern. Experience crystals are mainly acquired from campaign and monsters in the wild on world. Tap experience crystal to add experience and tap upgrade to complete the upgrade. The warriors hold - is where your dragon, witch, and other mercenaries are recruited. mercenaries can assist heroes and are vital to battling. Building construction takes time.

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    You can get rare items such as meteor stones and high level gems from forbidden area. Transport sapphire and exchange it for various rare items. For buildings that require less than 5 minutes construction time, tap the complete now icon to finish construction instantly. Upgrade the warriors hold to hire other mercenaries. Hired mercenaries will enter the war hall and wait for orders. Recruiting costs resources. The war hall is where you assign mercenaries and adjust formation for your heroes. Moreover, it enables you to dispatch heroes to the world. Drag mercenaries to assign the squad. The number of mercenaries for a hero is affected by the hero’s command value. Once dispatched, the hero will enter the world to begin adventuring. Join an alliance to earn alliance benefits and daily free diamonds.

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    FallenSouls secret FallenSouls  mode code

    Tips: you will only lose honor of your race when you are defeated in castle war. Stun will leave your enemy unable to attack for several rounds. You can get honor (neutral) from auto battle, challenge quests and fighting Levitan. A higher blessing gives you a better enhance success rate! You will only lose honor of your race when you are defeated in castle war. Bounty quests have 5 different qualities. Quests with higher qualities have better rewards. Formation is important in battle. Choosing the right formation is the key to victory. Knowing the correct formation to use against the enemy will help you to defeat them. You should change your formation to suit your class and type of enemy you are facing. Refine will make your equipment even more powerful.

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    1. oX25ZgtfEi - crystal
    2. Q0MWGJTqKh - mythril stone
    3. 42MAse12sb - gold
    4. CQX2wooxdh - upgrade materials
    5. 6TVIIPVpVJ - vip
    6. OYKPqcfc0n - summon
    7. IcH5ozRMQd - level up
    8. NJlwUamJhq - gem diamond

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