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    . Android game Dragon Warrior cheat hack code - gold, gem, soul, vip, materials, unlimited stamina, rune, chest, crystal (New York, Unated state).

    Assassin - sensual, yet radiating a chilling aura of darkness. Adept with the dagger and seimat, delivering death from the stillness. Berserker - easily irritable warrior of stout build. Uses greatswords and fists. Warlock - an enigmatic oriental sage who favors the staff and fan, evoking spiritual powers to release unbridled magic. Archer - a supernaturally proficient archer who imbues weapons of choice with powerful magic, instilling fear in all.

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    Dragon Warrior cheats android, ios hack codes
    Dragon Warrior hack Dragon Warrior cheat

    I’m sorry, Oracle. No one would foresee that you’d be cursed by the enemy into slumber, and that the gods would vanish. The unprotected lands have since become fodder for Chaos. If you are awakened, then have hope! The holy city houses a sage blessed by divine sight. He played a great role in summoning you. If he knew how to summon you, he must know how to defend the chaos as well. I’m sure you’re the one who can bring light to the holy city. Oracle, please take up arms and protect the city once again! TIme hastens revival, and suppresses the spread of chaos. But it’s not over, we must destroy the chaos altar. The altar is hidden in a mysterious space. I believe that the gate of time can guide the way.

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    Dragon Warrior secret Dragon Warrior mode code

    Tips: get MVP in monster arena for even more rewards. Use joypad to control character movement. Tap on a name of player in chat to become friends. Login for 7 days and get daily gifts. get a dark gold legendary wanderer ring on the 7th day. Consecutive login to earn great rewards. Alchemy attempts are reset daily. Blacksmith - enhance and disenchanting equipments. Socket and combine gems. Socketing gems will greatly increase stats. Disenchant different grades of equipment into corresponding type of crystal. Different equipment parts can be socketed with certain gems. Blitz dungeons to clear stages instantly for great rewards. Promote your vip status to claim fantastic value packs.

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    Dragon Warrior vip box Dragon Warrior gold

    1. UrzNQw2Vtb - gold
    2. U0Z8Se95mZ - gem
    3. 2ZNqPazrwz - soul
    4. gBjnaS8WiC - vip
    5. ogDjP9BhgS - materials
    6. MiQHUpxOye - unlimited stamina
    7. YvHMCDK263 - rune
    8. H0fmwVpLHX - chest
    9. Yc00nvhNdd - crystal

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