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    One day, the population of slimes in town started to increase gradually. They were not a big trouble at first, but they grew more and more violent. To prevent danger in the future, the residents decided to send a wandering warrior Jack and a magician Rose to dungeon 999F, a place known as a home to all living slimes….Rose - a magician, studying spells in town. THis dungeon has no passage between floors all the way down to 999th floor. See this gauge here? We can move on to the next floor when this gauge is full. Mana gauge - for clearing the dungeon. We should collect mana points required for each floor. Then how can we collect that mana? If i concentrate like this i can gather the points. But i’m vulnerable to slimes’ attacks when concentrating, so you have to protect me.

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    Dungeon999F hack Dungeon999F cheat

    Use the joystick at the bottom to control Jack. If you think the controller sucks, you can also move Jack by touching on the map. It’s fine to kill the slimes, but remember that you have to protect me above all. As we proceed floor, we will need more mana to clear the stage. We need about 10 more points on each floor. Later in town i can train to raise the mana restoration speed, so please remember. That means you can collect more than 1 point at a time after training. We only have 2 spells. You can use fire ball and frost nova. You can learn more spells and reduce the cooltime through researches in town. So if i overuse the spell it would delay the stage clear.

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    Dungeon999F secret Dungeon999F mode code

    Tips: collect golds from dungeon and head to town with a fat purse. There are some spells that can support you, so let’s find out about them later in town. Slimes are weak at essential point, but they will develop various skills as the floor goes down. Skills like standoff attack or suicide bombing. Tap the healing potion in case you need to recover HP. If you buy a potion activator at the market, heal HP 15% per each bottle. I can drink 3 bottles at a time, so that means i can recover maximum 30% at once.

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    11. uGlER5LRSr - slimes
    2. av8I52Lyaa - crystals
    3. 4Z3ztG7S8L - gold
    4. C1EeIS6OLw - essential
    5. uGzMumAvG7 - mana
    6. vcm8hmHIAb - level up
    7. AudQ9ZEDlj - gems
    8. 7XuVOek29t - evolve
    9. 9i3qAQGV01 - skill

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