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    . Android game Fate Grand Order cheat hack code - saint quartz, friend points, summon, gem crystal, premium pack, vip, month card (New York, Unated state).

    Welcome to the data center for the future of humankind. This is the security organization for the preservation of humanity, Chaldea. Fingerprint, voiceprint, and DNA authentication cleared. Magical circuit assessment complete. Username matched. You are recognized as a member of the primates. Nice to meet you. You’re our final visitor today. We hope you enjoy your time here. We are sorry. Another 180 seconds is needed to complete the admission process. Enjoy a simulated battle while you wait. Activating heroic spirit summoning system fate. We hope you have a good experience as a master for these 180 seconds.

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    A mock battle will start. Tap attack to begin giving instructions to your servants. Select 3 command cards (cancel a select card by tapping it again). Five cards are randomly distributed each turn. Cards selected later will have bonus effects. Selecting three cards of the same servant activates the brave chain and adds an additional attack. Cards with effective displayed can deal heavy damage to opponents. Selecting three cards of the same color will activate the chain corresponding to that color. Green: quick chain - critical rate up on the next turn. Red: buster chain - attack up on same turn. Blue: Arts chain - fills up the NP gauge required.

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    Tips: overkill - a bonus for attacking enemies with 0 hp. Additional NP and critical stars can be obtained. A noble Phantasm card will appear when a servant’s NP gauge is filled to 100%. Even attacking enemies with evade or invincible buffs, you will still gain NP and critical stars will still drop. Servants have skills that feature various effects. A spent skill can be used again after a fixed number of turns. There is no limit to the number of skills that can be used per a turn. Summons can be performed by using saint quartz or friend points.

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    1. p93Q10oLm2 - saint quartz
    2. bCMCrFb4vs - friend points
    3. x1CuM2AXhH - summon
    4. 04fSsmQr5A - gem crystal
    5. GSxNwrfOLB - premium pack
    6. PtqNxZdqBo - vip
    7. B7vWwsaxgZ - month card
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