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    . Android game Rune Mania cheat hack code - unlimited energy, gold coins, upgrade, gem crystal, gift pack, voucher ticket, premium card (New York, Unated state).

    Welcome to the Farlander! Tap the first level to start your amazing adventure! Have strong helper skill will help you a lot in the battle. Tap the helper button to select your helper. Select the helper to get their skill. You can use helper skill for free once time per each battle. Login social network and invite friend to play will give you more helper. Swipe gem down to match 3 of the same. make more matches, reach all target to complete level. You can active helper skill against monster’s skill.

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    Rune Mania hack Rune Mania cheat

    Collect all target items before you run out of moves to complete level. More matched give you a better scores and stars. 3 stars will earn big rewards. Tap on new skill icon to equip it in battle. You can see skill’s info in skill detail section. Your friend can see a skill in your first slot as helper skill. Tap the level to continue your adventure. Tap buy button to buy star boost, it gives you 300 MP when the level begins. Beware the turn number of each monster. They can use skill when the turn comeback to 0.

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    Rune Mania secret Rune Mania mode code

    Tips:each gem destroy give you some mana point to use skill. Use new skill to disable the monster. You can mix all sorts of special gems for suprising effect. There are many players in the world, who might be your friend or enemy. Tap world to enter the map. Once heroes garrison at alliance stronghold, you can spend resources to fast refill units. Moving your hero and collecting resources on world consume some movement. Energy will recover over time. YOu can use gold to upgrade or advance heroes and conduct research. Attacking monsters will also consume some movement point.

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    1. YiW6fPHrCU - gold
    2. MuU8sCynKd - rune
    3. zbydZ1fGFf - level up
    4. RHXBwdN27a - unlimited energy
    5. dZIiIHl5pn - crystals
    6. RH86ZY2vSm - offline game
    7. j5VAUMB5ce - coupon
    8. SX1LP3RVuq - voucher ticket
    9. Qe3yDl6vDb - unlock stage

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