War Ages legend of kings
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    Prophecies were not mistaken, you were born a leader, My lord! Our people have been exhausted in the wilderness. I'll guide you to build a House War Ages legend of kings first.
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    Hm..Our citizens blame the wars for destroying their homes. You should provide them more places to live. House helps speed up your troop training and healing process, and increases the gold income. Civic center is the core of your city. It's where your civilezation will advance through different ages. it is the totem of our city. we'll advance through the ages of history by upgrade it.

    Food War Ages legend of kings is such a tie to the happiness we felt when we first experienced the get-together. Clear the forests to get more space for your growing city and gain hero exp.

    Remember our city War Ages legend of kings is protected from attacks for 3 days. You need to grow stronger faster. Storehouse - a growing amount of resources is piling up. It's important to have a plan in place to protect what you've saved.

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