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    Vykal split into 7 kingdoms, and the power struggle between empires and civilian exploitation began to increase. In order to cease the chaos, the 7 kingdoms opened the Jabens tunier, a tournament of bravery and wisdom. Through this, they elected a new emperor that governed Exos and all things returned to peace. But upon the mysterious death of Emperor Theodore, the continuing rebellion headed by Supraken, and the disappearance of the Axisturk, the emperors symbol and sword, terror once again engulfed the world. The king guards, comprised of an heir from each empire, set forth to find the Axisturk and put an end to the chaos. Thus, a new journey begins with the search for the lost sword...

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    Characters that represents the main countries and other relevant countries in the Exos continent. Basic party formation will chance according to the selected country. Bathory - the heir of greenland and a member of the kings guards. A wide-range fighter that wields ice magic to damage enemies over a large range. Takes off on this adventure under the emperors command to reclaim the Axisturk stolen by Raimje. Otar - the head of the gold finger clan. She is one of the most feared entities among those on the wanted list in Exos. She falls in love at first sight with Baraka of the kings guard. Mahar - younger sibling of supraken, the monarch of nospon frosty. Loses an arm during a power struggle against Supraken and escapes to Tikkan. He joins the Tikkan army and uses Kerri to incite a coup D’etat.

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    Tips: welcome to the world of android game! My name is cheat-on. I actually work at the post office, but i came running when i heard a special adventurer was here and i wanted to show you around. The world of Exos is composed of 5 regions. If your characters profile picture is flashing, it means you can use a skill. There is 1 active skill that is used directly, and there are passive skills that are used automatically. YOu can have up to 3 passive skills depending on grade. All active skills have a stand by time before they can be reused. Fever mode is triggered at a set rate when a special character skill can be used. If you use a skill within 2 seconds of triggering fever mode, damage increases by 1,5 times.

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    1. DA0opvXuKi - vip charge
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    3. DWt8nR8nk8 - summon hero
    4. ic53QNN1RB - enhance character
    5. kuNbuJh2yw - gold
    6. noJBeUl9CG - grindstone
    7. VOMwZ3e7qa - evolve material
    8. 6tbyQBib1W - premium pack

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