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    Today you begin your rise to power as a noble of Westeros. In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the great game.As head of your house, navigate the dangerous political landscape of Westeros. Forge strategic alliance and outmaneuver rival threats to amass the might and resources necessary to capture iconic seats of power and ultimately the Iron Throne. In order to master game of thrones: conquest, you must fight for the crown!

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    Farms produce food for your troops, citizens, and other needs. Food alone cannot build a city. A sawmill would provide us the wood we need to improve our buildings. Sawmill generate wood for building, siege engines, and other needs. Gather resources, build troops, and improve the city to become a player of the great game. The banner maker - where you can design a banner worthy of your great house. Here you can choose from a range of options to customize your banner. The stables recruit cavalry to your side. Cavalry are fast and good for attacks. The training yard prepares your troops for the travails of war. A better training yard lets you organize more troops together.

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    From this war room we will conquer all Westeros. We cannot lose sight of our ultimate goal. King’s landing and the iron throne. This keep shall be yours to command. TYrion will help you settle in. The first thing to do is rebuild the infrastructure. We won’t conquer anything with a starving army. We’ll also need to get more men ready to fight. The trainer’s been drinking again, let’s go wake him with a swift kick. Keep building army, Ser knight. Winter is here, and you will need it and more to keep your people safe.
    Tips: white walker - a powerful creature, thought to be long gone. It is immune to most forms of attack, and raises wights to do its bidding. Defeat the monster to earn experience and other rewards. Your workers are eager to serve their new lord! For a limited time, free instant building speed up has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

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    1. TNSAjbVsdT - token
    2. T1drkx4dIO - unlimited resources (wood, food, steel, copper bar, stone)
    3. IqIC9kP4EU - level up
    4. 4Curc3vCU5 - speed up
    5. qfzk4S2vih - upgrade
    6. PNAxw6Pmbn - troops
    7. PeRkq74Nv8 - gold
    8. WY3rS4pzpU - premium pack

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