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    There’s a magical place. A doorway, of sorts. Where the spirits of the world can be sensed and with the right key summoned. To keep it safe, an order known as the vault keepers was founded. And a walled city built around it. For a thousand years, the order kept watch. Until one night, during a lunar eclipse something evil came knocking. And in those moments, the last vault keeper had only one thought: protect the vault. WOunded, he roared in defiance. Channeling the last of his magic into the artifact he’d protected for so long. And the great key the one thing that could open the gate just came apart.

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    Lionheart Dark Moon cheats android, ios hack codes
    Lionheart Dark Moon hack

    In front of him the monster frothed in rage, sensing its prize slip away. The fragments fell across the world, like stardust. Where silently and unseen, they lay hidden waiting to be found. Back in the throne room, the little creature drew on his pipe. The bandits were only the start of their troubles. The shard of whispers was stirring again. Back, hunting down the keys and anyone else that gets in its way. If they did nothing, this time the vault and skein would fail to its armies. Luckily, the Pottkin knew someone that might be able to help. TO the North, among the roses of Caerholme, was the first elven oracle to be born in over hundred years. If anyone could tell them this threat was coming from it would be her.
    Lionheart Dark Moon cheat

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    Lionheart Dark Moon secret

    Tips: bring in heroes that are strong us the types in that level. Collect all pets by hunting in each area. Level up by unlocking new battles. Potions may help you get stronger. The key to a successful battle is the element of surprise. Green arrows - shows you’re strong against this enemy’s property. Timothy Hypatos is one of two surviving keepers; an eager young man more at home swinging a sword than studying. Centaur Lancer - the most common warrior among the centaurs, they use their speed and raw weight to overwhelm their foes. You can tap to get more details on each stat.

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    4. UCKQoB1wgz - unlimited energy
    5. 2LJbOvuSR1 - vip status
    6. CrSL11Xg6r - premium pack
    7. qbWmHyrW2F - voucher
    8. eiOEoCGRkO - coupon ticket

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