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    A long time ago, there was a war and we almost lost everything. We won, but the heroes that saved us suffered the consequences. They lost their memories, and their skills they were condemned to wander aimlessly. The pillars are being attacked again. A mysterious power is forcing heroes to destroy them. We appeal to you summoner. You should summon ancient heroes and find where this strange power is coming from.
    Welcome to your island Heroes of Rings, summoner. I am cheat-on, and i will guide you through your first steps as summoner. I hope everything they say about you is true, and you are able to control the heroes. Your first mission will be to protect the Odin’s pillar. Let’s get our island ready to bring the heroes back. First of all, we need to build our summon altar

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    Heroes of Rings hack

    . Select heroes menu - here you can select the heroes that will go to battle. Tap on their icon, and then tap on fight button. A slime should be easy even for a rookie like you. But do not get too confident! If it’s your turn, you have to select the skill your hero will use and then select the enemy you will attack with that skill. Do you see that line at your left? The first that gets to the top attacks heroes with more agility will go up faster. Take that in mind to develop your strategies. Play the levels again to get experience, essences, and runes! All heroes can improve their rarity, even 1 star heroes. Unleash their power. Do not forget that you can repeat levels in order to find runes to summon heroes, and essences to improve them. Do not forget that you will receive a very special gift when you complete the chapter.

    Heroes of Rings cheat

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    Heroes of Rings secret

    Tips: summon runes - you can get them by defeating enemies or buy them to the merchants. Do not forget to heal your team, and use the skills of the heroes. There are countless strategies. Look for essences in the levels. Play them again if necessary, and use them with your heroes. They will make them stronger. Memories are obtained in the temples. Depending on the day, some temples are available, and others are not. Unlock more skills by getting memories, and make your heroes better. If you do not know where to find an essence, or a memory, tap on it to get more information. But there is another place where you can get runes to summon more heroes - merchants sell runes for gold or arena points.

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    Heroes of Rings mode code
    1. W1jb3aXQrF - premium runes
    2. uRgfn37YUZ - essence
    3. yINi6iHZnl - gold
    4. OHikRfxRMh - arena points
    5. Jv9V6AfJ53 - gems pack
    6. koHWF5GcM6 - tickets
    7. hTGp63Tfoa - fragments
    8. 1pHIOP4D2L - unlimited energy
    9. gDPnHXsrnJ - vip
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