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    . Android game Hero Force Galaxy War cheat hack code - crystal, unlimited resources, gold coins, recruit hero, premium supply pack, vip, energy oil, level up, upgrade, speed up (New York, Unated state).

    C.E. 3014, the Terra bot war broke out, people try to flee to other galaxies by the warp gate. The gate exploded while warping, as one of the lucky survivors, your ship landed on a desert island. Let’s build an armory to store and organize all this salvaged gear. Build a teracorp weapon shop, and start pumping out some products. Upgrading our headquarters might attract more customers. Let’s construct a bot tech weapon outlet so we can reach a wider audience and sell more stuff! From here, you can create weapons for your robotic customers.

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    Hero Force Galaxy War cheats android, ios hack codes
    Hero Force Galaxy War hack

    We’re getting so popular that a line has formed! It’s not good to keep the customer waiting, so get a move on! Once we’ve replenished our oil reserves, we can continue creating weapons for our new clients. Oil well - production buildings will automatically produce resources once in a while. Teracorp and bottech are the two single best equipment manufacturers in the galaxy. Franchise their outlets to meet the needs of your customers. We can earn income by completing orders. When the ship returns, new orders will be available for you to take on.

    Hero Force Galaxy War cheat

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    Hero Force Galaxy War secret

    Tips: don’t forget to collect your resources once in a while, you’ll need them! YOur equipment became more powerful after it evolved. You can increase the character's experience by using a character experience scroll. When experience reaches 100%, level increases by 1. If experience reaches 1000%, you can go straight from level 1 to level 10. The character level and enhance stage have both reached maximum! But fulfilling the characters evolve conditions doesn't mean it can evolve yet. Runes, which are the evolve materials for characters, are needed in order to evolve.

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    Hero Force Galaxy War mode code
    1. nFYwaAOQtB - crystal
    2. t5YZgkqqf9 - unlimited resources
    3. YFuc5rosEo - gold coins
    4. MB1Y2slYxz - recruit hero
    5. FH80zleOzG - premium supply pack
    6. cz6o0rpv8H - vip
    7. Hi2njn5Sg2 - energy oil
    8. pMT1sOLuyL - level up
    9. 5RZh9hoVUa - upgrade
    10. aniAmcBBXG -speed up
    title: hack Hero Force Galaxy War
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