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    Your road to domination is about to begin. Welcome to the year 2056, regent. Your mission is to help forces outside “reality” conquer this battlefield. Troops provide key support for the allied army. Get ether in battles to summon attendants with. Their assistance is key to victory. YOu control the actions of your sovereign on the battlefield. use the joystick to move to the target. Your sovereign’s attack is enough to clear out invaders. Tap the skill upgrade button to unlock more of a skill’s power for your sovereign.

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    KawaiiStrike cheats android, ios hack codes
    KawaiiStrike hack

    Destroy the enemy base and claim victory. Summons an immobile mech fire snake. Passive skill:spews out a stream of flame when it attacks, units hit will receive a burn damage effect, continuously dealing damage within 3 second, and attack speed is reduced by 50%. Burn effect can stack up to 3 times. Sharpshooter - sets up a troop camp on the spot which automatically summons Sharpshooter to advance forward along the lane and attack enemies encountered on the way. Ranged troop, attack buildings first.

    KawaiiStrike cheat

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    KawaiiStrike secret

    Tips: assault spearsman - advance forward along the lane and attack enemies encountered on the way. Heavy cavalry skill - charge towards an enemy target and instantly attacks it. Ninja - ties up the target, disabling it and dealing damage, the target will take additional damage during the effect. has no effect on buildings or sovereigns. Ranged troops, attack sovereigns first. Paladin - charges at nearby enemies, dealing attack damage and regening 15% of maximum health points for himself. When an enemy dies nearby, his skill cooldown will reset.

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    KawaiiStrike mode code
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    4. FnTdv7EJnu - unlock hero
    5. k5YmNRS78o - increase attack damage
    6. ub879H9Ddi - speed up
    7. XEldjV7sAE - coupon ticket
    8. 06zBaQcWvd - voucher code
    title: hack KawaiiStrike
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