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    In the lands where summers are full of hope and winters bring peace, dark and terrible days were close. The Crimson kingdom’s southern realms were full of the rumours of a dark ancient curse. Many terrific tales were being talked by many people. People of this land are familiar with wild beasts and many kind of plants but according to these tales, some plants were moving and some trees were wandering in the forests like a human. Some beasts were acting in unusual ways and some people became some kind of beings and attacking anything they saw. Legend says that the curse will begin in the furthest land of the kingdom which is southern realms and spread slowly but steadily in all of the kingdom. Council of ancient magicians were warning the king to take care of this curse while it can still be undone.

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    Wise and experienced king of the crimson kingdom were suspecting dark elves of being responsible for this curse. he ordered his army to prepare for marching to the southern realms and destroying this curse. He informed his commanders that he will lead the army himself. Until the army becomes ready and arrive at the southern realms, fate of these lands were obvious: being destroyed. For this reason, he sent one of the crimson wardens which he trusts most before the army and his order was clear: Go and maintain the order and safety of my people until i arrive with my army, as much as you can!

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    Tips: you can move your character by using joystick. Direct the joystick to where you want your character to move. You can access your character’s stats and skills from top panel. There are map, magic store and options menu in this panel. You can see health, mana and stamina points from this panel. You can also see how many gold you have and informations about the active quest from there. Red bar represents player’s health point. When enemies attack you, your health point decreases. When it reaches 0, player dies. You can use health potions to restore your mana or you can wait to regenerate health. Blue bar represents player’s mana. Using skills consume mana. Some skills consume more mana than others. When your mana is not enough you cannot use your skills. You can restore your mana with mana potions or you can wait to regenerate mana.

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    Crimson Warden mode code
    1. k23P3tWSpM - stamina points
    2. OvVHvFIhGC - increase health
    3. ggyfriyLGi - level up
    4. pOHgu9MwzV - unlimited mana
    5. RqvbuCkxcZ - gem crystal
    6. hG1IGvCzK0 - legendary weapon
    7. rfPgeGlgdF - epic gear
    8. 4pqlQbIsBo - upgrade
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