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    . Android game Heroes of COK cheat hack code - dragon glasses, sapphire, diamonds, summon hero, divinity rune, shards, gold coins, honor medals (New York, Unated state).

    Movement bar - characters will take actions when icons reach the bottom. Select character in your team to cast protect skill. You can summon powerful heroes to fight alongside with you! You can use sapphire, diamonds or hack cheats code to summon heroes. The trial will show you how to defeat monsters, gather resources, upgrade heroes. Lords need to reach certain levels to unlock new chapters. You can purchase gold and stamina energy in store.

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    Heroes of COK cheats android, ios hack codes
    Heroes of COK hack

    SKill: summon a blizzard to attack all enemies 3 times, each attack inflict 36% damage. 12% (+effect hit bonus) chance to freeze the target for 1 round, the target with a slow down status will have an increased 1% chance to be frozen. Punishment - cause retribution status to all enemies, increases damage taken by the enemies for 2 rounds. Andrea’s rapid shot can deal massive damage to a single target. Area effect skill can attack all enemies. Some skills will costs dragon glasses. Skills will require different amount of dragon glasses.

    Heroes of COK cheat

    Heroes of COK - secret code hack tips

    Heroes of COK secret

    Tips: complete daily mission will win great rewards. Select heroes formation wisely to gain advantage in different battle. Lords need to reach certain levels to unlock new chapters. Use the same heroes in level up and rank up will also upgrade the heroes’ skill level. Eliminate enemies with high damage first to gain advantage. Some heroes skills and control effect will not work on some bosses. Collect enough shards of heroes can also gain powerful heroes. Heroes with fast movement will take action first in battle.

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    Heroes of COK mode code
    1. 83wBGQWxdO - dragon glasses
    2. EXlXo8kttB - sapphire
    3. nokg75L7Qj - diamonds
    4. k8aC2E4VpL - summon hero
    5. kKRnACPVvk - divinity rune
    6. LT9iEroC2p - shards
    7. 8qJo2rcgoO - gold coins
    8. x36esRwqmK - honor medals
    9. 84ZN2lZftu - stamina energy
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