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    . Android game NEVAEH cheat hack code - diamonds, gold, honor, class point, red equipment, gemstone, surmount stone, level up, upgrade (New York, Unated state).

    Home become ruins, all loved one leave i experienced all these and this became fears torturing me. Those spirits grumble on me. When i cannot control my fears, i fell into another weird dream. It was a world filled with darkness and despair. The dream told me i was the chosen one, what a joke! I hate wicked demon, humans, and hypocrite immortals. Now, it’s time to go new graad city, the last shelter for human there is the place i fulfil my wish. I will revenge destroy all! Normal attack - touch the screen for a single attack, hold for a combo. Move the joystick to move the character. Use dodge to prevent the attack.

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    NEVAEH cheats android, ios hack codes
    NEVAEH hack

    Skill: rain storm - use blade shoe to kick the enemy continuously and deal maximum 8 times damage to the target. Moonlight - leap up and spread its wings, spins in straight line to slash the enemy, dealing maximum 3 times damage to the target. Moonlight massacre - release numerous blades in short duration to slash the target. Heroes battle is a instant pvp battle, you will receive honor point and class point once you are in the battle. Win the battle to double up, the rewards. Honor point can be used to buy rare equipment from equipment shop, class point can be used to increase.

    NEVAEH cheat

    NEVAEH - secret code hack tips

    NEVAEH secret

    Tips: with higher vip level, the chances to join function of health point, energy, and event will be more. The equipment are categorized into white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. The attributes will be better with higher quality. Character recover 1 health point and 1 energy every 10 minutes. Unlock purge function after 3 star. Accumulated experience of the equipment that been swallowed will be transfer to new equipment. 30% honor rate will refund when red equipment been swallowed. The power that not yet vanished will turn into pool of blood which can heal you when you injured. In transform mode, won’t be affected by knockout and knock back effect.

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    NEVAEH mode code
    1. 8o8C0BwF8R - diamonds
    2. Z8nroXa4LV - gold
    3. xPz2MzYhZE - honor
    4. n3EzUBry84 - class point
    5. dHE5wPuarz - red equipment
    6. vAFoQaT0dr - surmount stone
    7. aQwWqz6Z3T - level up
    8. KaG3hIwTCO - upgrade

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