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    . Android game World War Heroes cheat hack code - improvement points, gold, credits, unlock weapon, premium chests, upgrade, aim (New York, Unated state).

    Drive with your right finger on the right side of the screen for inspection on the sides. Use the left stick with your left finger to move. Just point at the target and the weapon will shoot automatically. Use your finger and tap to change weapons. If you use a gun, you’ll move faster. You have too little ammo! Click on the weapon icon to reload it. Use the aim button and hit the target in the aiming mode. In the aiming mode the weapon shoots more accurately. Use the sight button to exit the aiming mode.

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    Team deathmatch - two teams fight domination. The team with the highest score at the end of the rounds wins. Use gold to buy unique unbreakable weapons - perfect to accumulate money and experience quickly. Chests - where you can randomly get some items.You can get battle chests after finishing rounds in the game. Free chest regenerates every 4 hours. Also premium chests can be open for gold. In inapp menu you may add gold or credits to your account subscribe to premium account or buy premium chest.

    World War Heroes cheat

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    World War Heroes secret

    Tips: go to equipment to choose and customize weapons. In equipment menu you can buy, equip and change various weapons and equipment. Choose secondary weapon to see the options. TO purchase and rent credits or gold are used. Click buy to purchase the weapon. In order to improve weapons, you will need improvement points. The weapon has three characteristics that you can improve: damage, accuracy and rate of fire. Choose one of the improvements. Also you can buy and equip additional guns, knifes, grenades, aid kits, body armors and headwear.

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    World War Heroes mode code
    1. qQ2IpPbDSu - improvement points
    2. 2whrvEPzTO - gold
    3. qw1VoELk8R - credits
    4. IHZnBkTSp3 - unlock weapon
    5. FJKUr7dEn8 - premium chests
    6. 02jhod3zrd - upgrade
    7. QeSJZnfoW5 - aim
    8. ggQVXxP2y7 - level up

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