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    I have what you seek, stranger. That which was once part of you now lost can be regained. FInd me and i shall make you whole again. Champions will automatically move into range of enemies and attack them. Inflicting damage fills a champion’s might meter. When it’s filled, tap Talion’s portrait to use his shadow strike skill. You can also drag and drop the portrait onto a target to use a skill.

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    Middle-earth Shadow of War hack

    Palantir - use it to summon champions to help in the fight against Sauron.Stronghold - by defeating all the orcs in a region, you gain dominance. Tap the stronghold to collect it, and use it to build up your orc army. Every region in Mordor has a fortress overtaken by orcs. Defeat all orcs to divert dominance away from Sauron. Take out the lowest level captains to unlock the warchiefs above them. Taking out the warchiefs will unlock the overlord. Take out the overlord and you’ll conquer the fortress. Remember that new orcs will appear to try and avenge their fallen comrades every so often.

    Middle-earth Shadow of War cheat

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    Tips: tap on the claim button to collect your rewards. Berserkers have a deadly spin attack that can hit multiple champions at once. You can move your champions out of harm’s way by dragging them to a different spot. If you want to take out a stronger enemy first, double tap on them to focus fire. Your entire team will attack them. Besides gaining experience points from using champions in battle, you can also level them up using tomes of knowledge. Tap on the arrow to apply this tome to your champion. This will give them more experience to help them level up. Some tomes can be applied to any character and some can only be applied to a specific class. keep an eye out for various types of tomes.

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    Middle-earth Shadow of War mode code
    1. QzlCX6bu8i - palantir
    2. I5MB6w1a8i - tomes
    3. d6psutiHCp - unlock champions
    4. cubX2tW0wK - glyphs
    5. l4arYKJzx1 - coins
    6. 9osjGyy2dF - stamina energy
    7. VDAM0Sllm9 - evolve
    8. w70H4FhAl9 - level up
    9. mbO4HwX7jT - upgrade

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