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    . Android game Call of War cheat hack code - gem, black iron, unlimited resources (food, wood, stone, iron), skill point, population, instant building, vip card, gold(New York, Unated state).

    My Lord, castle is the core of our kingdom, upgrading it is the beginning of the empire’s development. Thanks for the wisdom of our ancestors, we mastered the subtle cues of speed up. Use free acceleration wisely as it can make our kingdom grow faster than the enemy’s. Soldiers are the core of combat. Construct barracks to ensure adequate soldiers first. Build resource constructions to secure resources supplies for development. My lord, with hack cheats vip activated, you will be able to use special privileges and increase fee speed up time! Vip level is related to your vip points. The higher vip level you have, the more and better privileges you will be able to use. Vip points can be obtained through daily login and vip items. The more consecutive logins you have, the more vip points you will obtain.

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    Call of War cheats android, ios hack codes
    Call of War hack
    Splendid civilizations, great arts, those all will eventually be destroyed in the flames of the war started by the barbarians. Diseases and darkness will revisit the mankind. After a long period of darkness, a brave lord shall end the chaos. He will lead us to fight against the darkness and the evil to return to the golden age, achieving the great revitalization!
    House provides population. Training soldiers consumes population, which will be recovered every 10 minutes. Need 2 hours to refill. Embassy - you can check your external and internal reinforcement armies. Upgrade embassy to raise your maximum level of defense troops. Medic tent houses wounded soldiers. Upgrade training grounds to raise training speed and the number of soldiers you can train at a time. Knight hall - upgrade it to increase the amount of knights you can send to battle.

    Call of War cheat

    Call of War - secret code hack tips

    Call of War secret

    Tips: complete recommended quest to get more rewards for development. In dragon nest you can upgrade dragon, put powerful equipments on them and use different skills. My lord, population is the base of army building. Please pay attention to house constructions and upgrades. The higher the house level, the more the population it provides. population recovers every 10 minutes, until refilling to its current max. You can employ knights in the knight hall to get development bonus. The higher the position level, the better the employ bonus. Please take good use of this position employment to help develop your city.

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    Call of War mode code
    1. j7k7e7is3F - gem
    2. dKDkiKSmy3 - black iron
    3. DrWumlkQ6E - unlimited resources (food, wood, stone, iron)
    4. 3TmYf1pju6 - skill point
    5. uNTi7vb2VB - population
    6. 01nBkcX07l - instant building
    7. 2AJ0AHc8IF - vip card
    8. INCPLAWQtc - gold

    title: hack Call of War
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