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    The cursed king, intent to prolong his own life, sacrificed the offspring of nobles by death’s hide and seek. Forcing the nobles to send their children into the slums secretly, as they would rather part with their own flesh own flesh and blood, than to witness their grisly end. The children who survived lived in the darkness, without faith and future. At last, these forsaken children decided to fight for the others...

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    Battle victory condition: your party must reach the exit before complete defeat. Battle failure condition: failure occurs when all members of your party have been defeated. Attacks with the correct attribute deal additional damage. Or select skills which consume more TP but deal higher damage. Pass to recover TP and switch to another character. Defeat the soldiers to end combat. Path: the text above is condition for divergent paths. If condition reached, you will progress along the green path, and red path if not met. Chain: form a chain when you take consecutive actions, the more consecutive actions taken, the lower the TP cost and higher attack.

    Falsus Chronicle cheat

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    Falsus Chronicle secret

    Tips: click the info button on the function menu to activate the character interface. After clicking on a character, press the yes button to add to the party.Yellow bar represents player’s stamina. Performing basic attacks and blocks consume stamina. When stamina reaches 0, you cannot perform basic attacks and blocks. In such situations, you can use your skills to continue fighting with your enemies. You can use middle area of the screen to control the camera. Parchment icon represents the panel where you can see active quests.

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    Falsus Chronicle mode code
    1. dyVTF0N8hM - gold
    2. 30zz548Fci - gems
    3. cgyAvCb9dk - treasure chest
    4. UVXlLmAFFD - epic weapon
    5. TJp2diR4ot - legendary gear
    6. qAgirn5Mtg - vip pack
    7. Gg7cDbaNY9 - increase stats
    8. yh2duEyvJ2 - skill point

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