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    Commander, we’ve arrived on space station successfully! Permission verification completed, power system started, and all other units work well. Please tap building list to build command center, which is the central hub of the whole space station, which controls the process of all buildings. Upgrading your command center unlocks new buildings and higher level. We need more crystals to finish space station construction, please dispatch colonial warship to collect resources from meteorolite belt.

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    DoomsFleets cheats android, ios hack codes
    DoomsFleets hack

    Enter colonial warship interface by tapping the star near space station. The warships you want to deploy from bottom list, or adjust the deployed warships by tapping them. Tap to select extractor, and then position it around the colonial warship to collect resources. Tap the sphere coordinate to add warships, or adjust its direction and size by rotating or zooming it. Tap blank areas to close the coordinate. Before building our own fleets, we need a place to park warships. Tap space station to build station hangar. Station hangar - is used for storing warships. When there is any loss, the same type warships prepared in hangar will fill the gaps automatically. It is wise to reserve enough warships in station hangar!

    DoomsFleets cheat

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    DoomsFleets secret

    Tips:turret level means a lot to colonial warship defense. Upgrade turret in turret factory. Fighter - is the most commonly used interstellar warship. It has super high maneuvering performance and balanced attack and defense capability. Artillery attack - deals damage bonus to shield defense, while less damage to armored defense.Armored defense - inflicts less damage when hit by artillery, while takes damage bonus when hit by missile. Upgrading technology benefits to improve fleet power. Jump gate is the coordination of the fleets, where you can establish your formation. The level of jump gate determines the scale of the fleets. Upgrade jump gate to dispatch a larger scale of fleets.

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    1. StquMPMdF6 - crystal
    2. 32faoMiJQ5 - metal
    3. UMgqwch5jN - honor
    4. YxjkFQ8Ksw - instant
    5. lLWGEQgZnu - level up
    6. R0bgBUAxGE - upgrade
    7. K24SxLfkBl - premium pack
    8. 5InWt9zrzW - coupon ticket
    9. SJWLuESaxf - voucher code

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