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    . Android game DOFUS Pets cheat hack code - kamas, energy, joy, weight, food, evolve, premium pack, offline game (New York, Unated state).

    Hi, i’m cheat-on, one of the most famous alchemists in the world of twelve. At the moment, i’m working on some truly fascinating experiments. I’m creating life. Don’t believe me? Look at this egg: inside is one of my creatures. But after conducting so many experiments, i’m starting to have quite a few and i don’t have the time to take care of all of them, so it would really help me a lot if you’d take care of them. Here, i’ll let you take your pick! Tap it with your finger to discover your new companion.

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    DOFUS Pets cheats android, ios hack codes
    DOFUS Pets hack

    Look at gauges: each of them represents one of your pet’s states. They let you be sure that everything is going well. The life gauge tells you about its overall health. The joy - tells you if it’s happy or not. The appetite - tells you if it needs to be fed. The energy - if it needs to rest. And finally, the growth - shows when pet is about to evolve. It’s development depends entirely on your care, so you must understand the effects of your actions. Pay careful attention to these gauges: if they go too low, it will have consequences on pet. The management interface allows you to take care of pet.
    Control bulbilaz with your finger to avoid enemy projectiles and hit your targets. If you touch an enemy or an obstacle, you’ll lose one life. You can collect various bonuses that will help you in your progression. At the end of the round, a final boss is waiting for you: eliminate it to win the game.

    DOFUS Pets cheat

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    DOFUS Pets secret

    Tips: to give it something to eat, open your food inventory. You’ll find the soap in the care shop. Astrub soap - incredibly common soap, made the extract of lound mouthed bworks. You can choose to satisfy its desires, or not. But don’t forget: each of your actions will influence its growth gauge and its future evolution. For each mini game, you can do a round of 10 levels. If you do well, you gain something extra at levels 5 and 10. You can replay a level you’ve already validated so long as the round isn’t over. After level 10, it all starts over at level 1. You’ll regularly see these symbols sliding toward the growth gauge. These are indications about your actions. They’ll help you keep track of how pet is evolving. YOu can press on the gauge at any moment to check out its characteristics.

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    DOFUS Pets mode code
    1. my5fJHEw03 - premium pack
    2. 0EhoIsKPYA - kamas
    3. ncSvroIDnQ - energy
    4. IP6e0scVw2 - joy
    5. 4QLf6dvLy5 - weight
    6. OaPKy0F6iR - food
    7. mh6l17AY0f - evolve
    8. Cxe8Bz477c - level up
    9. zub0A87p1W - offline game

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