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    . Android game Mist Empire cheat hack code - ingredients, recipes, legendary equipment, gold coins, level up, diamond dust (New York, Unated state).

    In a land ravaged by a deadly mist, you set off to seek your fortune in the remnants of the world. While aboard a train to Atlas, the world’s last remaining city, your train is attacked by monsters of the mist. With the monsters defeated, you pull into atlas station. Impressed with your skill in combat, a fellow adventurer calls you aside.
    Skills: stab - stabs the target for moderate damage. Whirling blades - spin attack that damages all nearby enemies and drops a dagger power-up behind them. You may have notice big enemies become vulnerable while recovering from using their special attacks. Use execute against enemy after it becomes vulnerable for bonus damage and no cooldown.

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    Mist Empire cheats android, ios hack codes
    Mist Empire hack

    Character class: Mage - volatile class that deals high area damage through ranged abilities. Relies on careful positioning to avoid running into dangerous situations. Assassin - close combat class that can deal high single target damage in a short period of time. Relies on quick movement and tricks for defense. Can deal a tremendous burst of damage in a short time and use tricks to stay away from enemies while waiting for their abilities to become available again. As a close combat class they are susceptible to melee damage, so items that increase toughness can be useful.

    Mist Empire cheat

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    Mist Empire secret

    Tips:execute - slashes through the target. Has no cooldown and deals increased damage if the target is vulnerable (this also counts for killing blows). You can freely travel between the market and old atlas! use the world map button or the tram station. Explore and discover new quests and challengesto increase in power while playing the campaign! You can also track any of active quests to see where you need to go to complete that quest. Book icon represents stat panel where your character’s stats such as health point, mana point can be found. YOu can increase levels of these stats as your character’s level increases. You will need gold to level the stats up. You can level up your skills’ levels as your character’s level increases. You will need gold to level the skills up.

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    Mist Empire mode code
    1. umhnyQsn8r - ingredients
    2. 2HHrUSnRdc - recipes
    3. okkVlEqXDL - legendary equipment
    4. kEtNzhCfcR - gold coins
    5. f6FuCtF00Z - level up
    6. cTihozUIzR - diamonds dust
    7. XnQHm2TwIp - vip status

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