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    At bottom right, there are 3 skill buttons. You can change these skills and look at their informations from the skill panel which is located at top right panel of the screen. Remember that all skills required mana. You have 2 constant abilities here: jumping and blocking. The boot icon represents jumping and blue sword icon represents blocking.While blocking you don’t take any damage, however you cannot move while blocking and stamina is consumed as long as block is active.
    You can get more health potions from magic store. You want free gold and experience point? You can watch videos or hack cheats code to earn free gold and experience point.

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    YOu need to shoot the specified organ a few times to kill the mutant. Each day you will have new quests awaiting you. Complete them to earn rewards. Complete bonus objectives to get extra gold coins. The 5th, 10th, and 15th gun upgrades take time to deliver. Use power recharger to replenish life detection. Netriorhynchus was around the same size as modern crocodiles.

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    Tips: you will receive a time bonus if you finish a mission in the specified time or faster. Check the mission objectives often you don’t need to hunt every moving creature!Leaf - your target is prey, scratch marks - your target is a predator. Make sure you hunt the required number before time runs out. To kill an attacking dinosaur you have to complete 2 qte phases. The furious tapping phase and the tap at the right moment phase. Having trouble finding your prey? Try to move right or left. Aim at the required organ - use life detection to see organs.

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