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    stickman football android hack

    Kickoff - the first and the third period start with a kickoff. Thy to catch the ball and run upwards as far as possible.
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    The main objective of stickman football is to reach the opponents goal line (touchdown). Try to gain ball possession and advance it in running or passing plays. Your team is now the offensive team. You get 4 chances to gain 10 yards. If you succed the line of scrimmage is moved and you get another 4 chances. You have to select your next offensive move. select run or pass and try to gain as many yards upwards as possible.

    Long pass - after the snap your team will try to run free to recevive a pass. They will run upwards to receive a long pass stickman football. With a touchdown the team is awarded 6 points and it allows the scoring team an opportunity to attempt to get an extra poin. Select your move after a touchdown. A fieldgoal is awarded with 1 point and a touchdown with 2 points.

    Incomplete - if the ball stickman football hits the ground before an offensive player cathes it, it is an incomplete pass. No yards are gained in this case. After a touchdown the game starts again with a kickoff. The cathing team is then the offensive team.

    Tackle - a play ends when a player with the ball is tackled by an opponent. The line of scrimmage is moved to the position this occurred. Interception - the defense can regain possession of the ball stickman football by catching (intercepting) passes meant for players of the other team.

    If you don't think you can reach the yellow line on the 4th down it is advisable to punt the ball or try a fied goal worth 3 point. Field goal - after the snap the catcher stickman football will hold the ball on the ground. Try ti kick the ball between the goal posts. This is awarded with 3 points.

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