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    Players Virtua Tennis Challenge: Bojan Jovanovic (ground strokes) - a sure style that waits for the ball to bounce and responds with stable and powerful shots. use footwork to get in position quickly. Fernando Sanchez (Strong backhand) - a style that relies on strong backhand strokes to dominate play. Forehand shots are just average, but the backhand strokes can control the game. Marco stocker (all round) - a balanced play style that uses all shot types. While abilities are balanced with no weak points, this style lacks punch. Joshua Porter (tactical) - a style that applies pressure with stable strokes and net play. While shots lack punch, their stability enables a varied attack.

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    Gabriel Belmondo (strong forehand) - a play style that relies on strong forehand strokes to dominate play. Jimi Tarantino (serve & volley) - a traditional play style of creating openings with the serve, and then scoring with a volley. Mario Cruz (counter) - a defensive style that absorbs attacks and counterattacks. The stable strokes are also good for quick shots from in close.

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    Tips: enter tournaments to earn SPT points. Your rank will improve as you win tournaments. Each season last for 18 days. World rankings count total points earned during that 18 day period. YOu cannot enter a tournament if you do not have sufficient funds. Increase your funds by entering lower level tournaments and by earning sponsorships.

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