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    . Mafia Revenge cheat hack code - boxes, resources, no reload, respect, rubies, open immediately, treasure chest, upgrade, level up.

    The uprising of Claus - claus and golden finger of Andrea clan. The old godfather, Andrea nominates golden finger as his successor. Claus murder Andrea in cold blood and attempts to ambush golden finger. The death of Golden finger - claus hosts a funeral for Golden finger - it is a party to celebrate his coup as well as a warning to others who managed to survive.
    To this day, i’m haunted by that ugly gold tooth of his. He turned up, bearing a white rose. I was just a kid then, but when i saw his grin, i knew it was false condolence. He wasn’t there to pay respects, but rather to gloat over the body of the man whose life he had taken. My mother and i were now alone. We had no choice but to retreat from Cali city from everything my father had built. But it was no better than running away. Golden Tooth, as he would come to be known, went on to replace my father as top dog in Cali city.

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    But now that i’ve returned, the cards are about to be shuffled again, for better or for worse. Cali city and all of its bosses will come to know my name. I guess i need to teach you how to survive Cali city. Press fire button and aim toward the opponent while standing. Hide in the car and throw a grenade to deal severe damage to your enemy. If you shoot weak points you can charge faster. You can also check which league you belong to, and get boxes you can get resources from. When you defeat other mafia in battle, you will earn respect, when you earn enough you will be promoted to a higher league. You’ll encounter much more powerful mafia in higher leagues.

    Mafia Revenge - secret code hack tips

    Tips: you will also receive a box for a win. They contain guns or resources you can use to become stronger. Every time you win, a box will be placed in an empty slot. Characters and cars have their own special skills. Try different combinations with your guns. using skill will make you hard to beat. Teams consist of different members. When the team level’s up, it will give you bonus stats. If you use rubie, you can open chest immediately. If you want to upgrade a gun, you nedd several cards of the same kind. When gun is upgraded overall stats increase. You can call yourself a man when you know how to handle guns properly.

    how to enter hack cheats Mafia Revengel.

    1. 3rgj6hIKAF - boxes
    2. eWk3xIRAV9 - resources
    3. h4PnRzGoBy - no reload
    4. WC16WxvYWK - respect
    5. aeVgnVFIHt - rubies
    6. C0xBCZPSNd - open immediately
    7. 0Pne8ehjvv - treasure chest
    8. x6KtuH1GPi - upgrade
    9. hRcnhx1myJ - level up

    title: hack Mafia Revenge
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