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    . Lady Knights cheat hack code - action points, crystals, premium treasure chest, vip status, unlimited keys, legend weapon, gold coins, level up, lucky draw ticket, rune.

    Gladiator - she was discarded by her family when she was young. Her hatred for her parents have remained ever since. Samurai - she posses the mysterious power of the orient. She uses this power to defeat her enemies. Gun master - master of magic gun that shoots concentrated magical energy. Hero’s health - game is over once it hits 0. Tap on the attack button to attack. A hero can tag other hero and switch in a battle. Tap on the skill button to engage skill attack. Destroy all monsters to move on to the next area. use auto play to conveniently continue the battle.

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    I’m cheat-on, and i’m your guide. I was instructed by my father to find you. You should always be well prepared before setting off on an adventure. Let me introduce you to a special cat that help you prepare your journey. Treasure keeper, Deva - the cool cat that manages all the treasures sent by the kings from all the continents in support of preventing Magnaross’ resurrection. You will be able to open 5 normal chest for free every day. You can check out the regions you will be adventuring from the map. You can take up to 2 heroes in the dungeon.

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    Tips: you can summon by using the soul stone or upgrade your star grade. Get great rewards from the treasure chests free every day. You can increase a hero’s stats by equipping various weapons, armors, and accessories. Each equipment can be imbued up to level 5 by using the imbue stones. You can equip a rune in your equipment from the forge and make it stronger. Each item can be upgraded up to +20 for each star grade.

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    1. x5TMjo3dx2 - action points
    2. TPEprRZS2z - crystals
    3. uXqJnm2uU4 - premium treasure chest
    4. lsBjl85LHK - vip status
    5. NSShr1fdY3 - unlimited keys
    6. mfUsBcEqfU - legend weapon
    7. 4ouWRLf4C0 - gold coins
    8. 80RWDojubX - level up
    9. CVoo323RLD - lucky draw ticket
    10. DeNKRGl1Tn - rune
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