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    You can collect runes only in your turn. Runes become mana to summon units. Tap of the group at least of 3 runes of the same color to collect them. Piggy Pinkster - he increases luck of all our soldiers nearby. Lucky soldiers sometimes can dodge enemy attacks. Fight with live opponents on the arena. Use books and masks to summon the hero. Hold your finger to see the parameters of the hero. Warriors in the Beardmen world are going out of the chest. however, this takes some time. To build a forge you need to find the scroll in raids.

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    To access the raid mode you need to defeat the first boss. You can select up to 4 heroes in one team and you can save it up to 6 battle formations. In battle mode you will see the various types of battle icon indicated for each skill and action. Star conditions: you will get 3 star when complete 2 conditions or above. Win the battle within 10 turns with no dead. Do attack with 10 no mercy or 10 life break. Do attack with multiple kill. Win the battle with at least 85% of remaining health point.

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    Tips: equip 2 or 4 devil stones of the same type to activate +1 set bonus. You need to have enough stamina energy to go on campaign in each place. You will earn gold, gems and cards if you hatch a free egg. You can hatch free eggs every four hours and have up to two at a time. You will receive rewards when you complete achievements. While the slots are still locked, a bronze egg with a short hatching time will be given when you win. You can request cards from clan members if you join a clan.

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    1. dQgEQma7As - gold
    2. GyoENqb3Ey - hero
    3. G1AqY3gZes - summon
    4. pYab9iNFZs - eggs
    5. r8F78M5PGW - upgrade
    6. Srgbsr5opK - evolve
    7. tJeESQrzem - offline
    8. 08zt2clD89 - coupon ticket
    9. WMPknrH0Fu - mode tablet

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