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    . Supremacy cheat hack code - advanced recruit, diamonds, tally, character shard, unlimited stamina, level up, gold coins, upgrade.

    Swordman: Qun - when the world is divided into three kingdoms, feudal lords are vying for the throne, and states are contending for hegemony. SHu - pretty women save the world, however, and make their names remain immortal. Tap navigate to start a different journey in this special world. You must have known everything from your dream.

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    Doctor mad - creates an area of wrath at a selected area which lasts for 7 seconds. The attack speed and movement speed of friendly heroes which either enter or are in the area of wrath increase. Upgrading the castle hall can unlock new buildings and functions. 2 ally heroes on world can swap unit. When your castle is captured by players of different alliance, it will display fallen with the captured alliance flag.Heroes that garrison at resources mine, stronghold and wonder can’t move, unless retreat first.

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    Tips: guardian aura of pets grants heroes of certain slots with bonus stats. Stamina can be claimed twice per day, don’t miss it. Navigate - you may always tap here when you don’t know what to do. Treasure hunt grants pet shards and essence, as well as mystic treasure. Gold mine grants gold over time. Don’t forget to collect it in time. When you gain enough stars, stage chest will be available. Tap hero to open the hero page menu. Tap equip to change gears quickly. You will receive gems every time you complete the first training for each hero. Yoi will receive 1 gem for rare heroes and 10 gems for epic heroes.

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    1. 3dy1kOMlw3 - advanced recruit
    2. rKaBagX7yZ - diamonds
    3. hTTaeQF5d8 - tally
    4. VATYQjPTd2 - character shard
    5. EKZOKkvv2P - unlimited stamina
    6. MAIteE0AgM - level up
    7. kdEwGF8ZQr - gold coins
    8. CVI88zU1mU - upgrade

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