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    Welcome to new Eden - with its beautiful landscape and its cuddly critters. Your new home is waiting, welcome to your shelter. I’m cheat-on, the housekeeper of this shelter. The most important thing is giving your shelter a suitable name. Next, we need to explore and find needed goods to build up our shelter into a palace. After collecting all the gears, you can upgrade the hero and increase their gear level. Upgrading can unlock hero skills and upgrade hero type. You can buy items at the variety shop.

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    Chiuo skills - immediately increase attack when enemy dodges. Permanently increase own critical rate and crit damage. Zed - attack an enemy twice and can confuse the target for a chance. Normal attack has a chance to taunt all enemies. Quiet - has a chance to stun all enemies. Hypnotize enemies when received attack. Heroes are slaying monsters in the newest chapter. Heroes hang out all the time here, and you can collect a lot of batteries and experience. Quest - tap here, so we can see which tasks we have to do. Here there are numerous types of tasks. If you don’t know what to do, please came here and find out more. If you don’t know which mission to complete, tap “go to” button so you can quicly get down to business.

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    Tips: the production of coffee can be upgraded via lab technology. Don’t forget to form up the new heroes we just received. Tap the hero avatar, and let them form up. Obtain batteries every day at the designated time. 7 day login reward - continuously log in during the event to receive abundant rewards. Form teams of 4 players in real time,and work together to slay the ultimate BOSS. Build a unique underground fortress, and use your engineering talent to make your base a palace fit for a king of this new world, you!

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    1. a5E4b6l8gg - special summon chips
    2. WxsRvt0j3g - battery energy
    3. S3brInpigm - unlimited coffe
    4. htX0875FYE - skill upgrade
    5. YkiHbuBnEW - friend points
    6. 4SzEarW3hM - level up
    7. GqLJ1RZwdH - gold
    8. aMyzzn0FU5 - diamond gem

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