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    . Mine Quest 2 cheat hack code - blueprint piece, arcane chest, unlimited energy, gold, gems, level up, materials, upgrade.

    I grew up listening to stories told by my grandpa orli, who was no adventurer, but used to say he once saved the world. Then, one day, he was gone, taking his gear. My mother would say he returned to Aesis, the fabled land he told me about. Old dwarves like Rovar, my grandpa’s oldest friend, thought it all real. He lead an expedition to find the whereabouts of my grandpa. He never came back. Everything changed when i got an unexpected visitor: a member of that expedition materialized before me, placing a strange, shiny stone on my hand. Then, he died.

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    I sought Tude’s help. She knew magic and shiny stuff. Only thing i didn’t expect was a monster suddenly materializing. I did what warriors do… And this is how it all began. When you hit stone, it released some sort of some sort of energy. Tap blocks to hit them with your pickaxe. For each hit, you will spend 1 stamina. You can drag the screen to move the camera around. To attack, first choose one of your skills. Then, choose which enemy to attack. Special skills are way stronger than your basic attack, but take some time to recharge.

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    Tips: don’t forget to come back every day to claim your free arcane chest. With the creature defeated, the crystal is no longer indestructible. Craft - here you can craft new items based on what you bring. Crafting takes some time, but you can speed up the process using gems. To go back to the map, just tap the back button. level menu - here you can equip items before you enter a mine. Arcane chests are a great way to get blueprint pieces! Earthquake - damages all land enemies, uses your pickaxe power instead of your attack power. Arcane chest - materials, potions and blueprint pieces,

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    1. yiNZG0siXe - blueprint piece
    2. nuHp7P4Lc5 - arcane chest
    3. 8i1BhkxEO5 - unlimited energy
    4. eYi7HzSJds - gold
    5. 00zGjb6IPN - gems
    6. G9XaRu95Oa - level up
    7. EISL95uMzP - materials
    8. Ig4j0BJc8X - upgrade

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