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    On the party screen, you can change your party line -up and equipment. Weapons with 3 or more stars and a character portrait have Artes. If a character equips one that matches their likeness, they will be able to use that Arte in battle. The slot you equip to determines the direction you flick to use it. You can flick diagonally to the upper right during a battle to use demon fang. Next, try equipping a mirrage, a type of equipment more powerful than standard weapons. Select a player made character to help you on quest. You can flick a helper’s icon no more than once per battle to use their character’s mirrage arte Tales of the Rays. Confirm your lineup before starting a quest. Each quest and character has their own anima type. Characters with anima types that match the quest will receive a significant stat boost.

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    Tap the right side of the screen to perform a normal attack. Tap it again to perform up to 3 consecutive attacks. Flick diagonally on the right side of the screen to use Artes, which are more powerful than normal attacks. In addition, different Artes can be performed by flicking the right side of the screen in all four diagonal directions. Using artes requires CC. If you don’t have enough, you’ll use a normal attack instead. CC energy accumulates automatically when not attacking. Use what you’ve learned to defeat the enemies. Filling the mirrage gauge allows you to use powerful mirrage Artes. Using Artes and other actions fills the gauge. When a character’s gauge is full, his or her icon lights up and an arrow appears.

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    Tips: whenever you use a mirrage arte, your mirrage ratio goes up and makes mirrage artes stronger. The Mirrage ratio won’t go down until the quest is over, so try to use mirrage artes often. Quests contain all sorts of missions! COmplete them and be rewarded with mirrogems. Starting quest - move around and explore the dungeon. Along the way you will encounter monsters and treasure chests, so keep an eye out for both. Touch the screen to bring up a virtual analog pad, then move it around to control your leader. A powerful boss awaits at the end of every quest. Make sure you’re ready before taking them on. If you happen to miss any scenes, you can always revisit them using the story log.

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