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    Drag the left side of the screen to move your character. Drag the right side of the screen to change where your character is looking. You can quickly change your control settings by building and using control presets. If you hold the sprint button, you can run in the desired direction. Try it out running to the spot indicated by the arrow. YOu can also jump over short obstacles. Position the cross hairs Point Blank Strike at the center of the screen over an enemy and you’ll start firing automatically. While in manual mode, you must tap the fire button to shoot.

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    Tap the secondary weapon button to switch to your secondary weapon, then use it to eliminate your enemies. Low on ammo? Tap the weapon you are currently using to reload.Once you’ve zoomed in by taking aim at an enemy, lift your finger to fire. Tap and hold the fire button to zoom in and release to shoot. Tap and hold the grenade button to prime your grenade. Look in the direction you want to throw, then release to toss it away. Finally, let’s go over how you can customize your experience using options. Graphic quality - try lower settings if the game lags or disconnects. Gyro sensor - use to aim by moving your device. Only availbale on devices equipped with a gyro sensor.

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    Tips: You can get various rewards through daily missions. When you return to the lobby, any new information will be displayed in the Issue list on the right side. It shows various kinds of information, so don’t forget to check this out! Luckily, you can get a reward for the completed mission. CLick the finish button to claim it. In the inventory, you can check your items by category. With enough gold and shard, you can get a hero. You can obtain heroes and upgrade hero cores by using hero pieces.

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    1. ueqSy82aDR - auto aim
    2. f2yXNrBSP9 - upgrade
    3. Wmhh3XGV59 - level up
    4. 01IIRFDg4H - weapon
    5. wZBd8xT5fM - unlock characters
    6. xUBor6L2uY - gem crystal
    7. IBKCOd3dOV - cash money
    8. KUQOXi2HJX - gift pack

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