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    The energy shield is trapping the medal you deserve. Deploy your champions on the field they’ll know what to do kind of. Deploying your champions takes energy. Nothing’s free in this life. Questions Trivia Crack Heroes, how shocking! Answer them and the energy bar will fill up faster. That is if you get them right, of course. You were born a hero! Win to earn medals and prize boxes besides bragging rights. Keep collecting tokens to level up your champions.

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    The whipchenkos - these sisters became famous in the world of sports thanks of their very unique artistic gymnastics technique: to them it’s not important how you move your ribbons, but the mark you leave when you hit someone with them. Bull’s eye - the energy shield is to this missile what a red rag is to a bull. Surgical attack or your money back. Rocksanne - this chick exudes rock from all her pores! She never parts with her guitar, not even to sleep. Her screeching riffs will leave you without words. And hearing.

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    Tips: daddy sharky - he was vegan alive and now that he’s undead he can’t quite shake the habit. Butternut squash is still his favorite food. They don’t call him any movies, which weighs heavily on his zombie heart. Supernova - have you ever seen a supernova exploding in space? If not, check this out. Warning: volatile material, handle with care. Nic Nac John - they’re so hard headed that they refuse to acknowledge the ending of World war and that they’re just toys. They keep waiting to be called to defend their country, which on top of everything they don’t even have.

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    1. AG1LFUrVP8 - gold
    2. CIBRE2Xo8T - gem crystal
    3. dqR69RSC8C - unlimited energy
    4. SAzAf12J61 - upgrade
    5. OFF4cLDZdD - evolve
    6. erV0q4x7zv - unlock characters
    7. IlPH1VkeBh - vip status
    8. R9Gjtoch9i - gift pack

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