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    There was a famous tavern that served monster dishes in Tarean kingdom. One day the tavern’s owner want to make a dish with legendary phoenix meat. However, something bad happened to the owner and the tavern closed. 25 years later, a boy arrived at the tavern. He brought his grandpa’s letter, stating that now the tavern is his. Faery was feeling somewhat discouraged with this decision, because the boy clearly looked inexperienced. However because of the faery’s loyalty, they promised to help each other rebuild the tavern.

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    Each weapon will be used to hunt a different monster. Attack the monster whenever possible. Tap on the available stove to open up your recipes. Choose the dishes that you want to cook from menu list. If all ingredients is available, you will be able to cook or you must buy the ingredients from market, or get all ingredients instantly using gems. Wait until the time finished and collect your dishes Dungeon Chef. First start is boiling. Just throw everything in the pot and wait till it boils. Every recipe has its own ingredients and cooking time to get it done.

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    Tips: complete orders to get level up. There are two types of orders, main orders which are located at the top and the rest are side orders. Completing orders give you coins and other rewards. The faery turns golden - it’s your chance to get more ingredients than ever. Mr. Herveus the leprechaun comes to the tavern. Tap him and get your reward of coins or ingredients of the day. Elixir is there for you if you need more energy to go to the dungeon.

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