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    . Child of Star cheat hack code - unlimited mana, energy, gold, gems ruby, treasure chest, summon, upgrade, evolve, level up, stamina points.

    You can reinforce grade if you have enough material and gold. In skill tab, you can get and reinforce your character’s skill. Skills are divided into active and passive skills. In core, you can get a character or improve star grade with your character pieces. Although elite missions are difficult, you may get better rewards. Skills are able to be upgraded with skill potions. YOu can form parties using your favorite characters. Designating a party as a favorite will make the characters in that party appear on the bridge. YOu can use powerful weapons Child of Star on mirrages to power up characters. Just have the character equip them by going to the character’s profile screen.

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    Skill: purify - clear all allies units’ debuffs. Recover all ally units some health point equaling to 3% protagonist’s maximum for 2 rounds; Spirit shields - select a allied unit to get a shield, can absorb damage equals 220% defence. Soul of cavalier - summon a soul of cavalier, all allied units damage reduction +10%, soul’s HP equals character’s 25%HP, only one soul can be summoned on your battlefield. Locked rewards can be acquired as the difficulty level increases.You’ll ear stars each time you complete a stage. The more stars you obtain, the more rewards you’ll receive.

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    Tips: gold - can be used to summon champions. Melee prefer to attack the first row. Equipping destiny to make your champion stronger. Summon more champions to battle! Don’t forget to upgrade them by star sources. You can embattle 5 characters, arrange your team and start battle. The adventure is filled with all kinds of different modes. The first mode you’ll encounter in the adventure will be the search mode. Shown reward info - here are additional rewards you can acquire by completing the adventure.

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    1. jdjzvL16Ya - unlimited mana
    2. VlGzkT6i2c - energy
    3. spsiLTy4yJ - gold
    4. v623nFJgMV - gems ruby
    5. LDnM3FBb3n -treasure chest
    6. I297GpNyZw - summon
    7. YYEcM4db74 - upgrade
    8. vm2t0k2ZaS - evolve
    9. I9Fz34pl1T - level up

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