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    World story: i’m happy to see you! Thank you for landing on top of me after falling through the rift between the worlds. use the force, it will tell you what you need to do. Your innate skills have astounded more than just me. The creature of fire has decided to remain with you. It’s worth visiting the barracks and thanking it for the future equipment service.
    Battle Warpets: At the start of the battle, we have only one mana crystal. The maximum number of crystals increases by 1 every turn. Be careful! you can only use one ability per turn. Items are nice, of course, but there are other ways to get stronger. Return to the barracks and level up creature of fire’s talent.

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    Contined flame - thanks to the ability of the fire elemental to confine flame within its own body, it can strengthen all its attacks and abilities. Deep freeze - subjecting her body to a deep freeze, the fairy significantly slows down her metabolism, increasing her life energy. Eternal frost - centuries old ice becomes harder than steel. The higher PvP rating you have, the better reward you get. For each battle, there is an ideal set of pets. Don’t forget to equip your pets with items you get in battle.

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    Tips: go through key points to get an additional reward. Daily quests are a great way to earn gold and pet souls. Scrolls can fundamentally change the tide of the battle. Always keep a couple in supply. Talents influence both pet skills and characteristics. Choose wisely. Tap on a creature for more information. Having difficulties? Don’t forget to upgrade your pets. You can upgrade a pet by collecting all the equipment of the current level. Don’t forget to upgrade your castle. Select a talent to see its description. New quests appear at the town hall daily.

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    1. yANO11MNAv - pets
    2. mw9ymDc2ZG - crystals
    3. MpOpLPjEnl - premium chest
    4. Rp4QfBoTkW - level up
    5. G5zsYKVuy7 - upgrade
    6. YIkM0AJUtf - gems
    7. puZhgnVjmD - treasure
    8. UB4on7o57X - vip status
    9. u1PbvPANwM - voucher ticket

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