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    Battle tutorial: a battle is just about to start. Our goal is to destroy the enemy castle. Deploying dragons costs mana. Mana refills automatically during the battle. Each victory awards you a chest full of rewards. Use cards to upgrade your dragon. Characters become stronger when they are upgraded. Build defenses to protect your castle from the enemy! Spells can be deployed anywhere and will affect all enemies in their effect area. Complete all the starter missions and receive a free colossal chest. You’ve mastered the basics, congratulations.

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    Characters: Genies - these ranged little devils are best behind your tank. Robos - the robos are two ranged attackers from an alternate universe. Sprouts - the sprouts form a team of three fast but weak units. Guardian - half tank, half warior: the guardian is balanced and versatile. Spell arrows - cover a large area and can kill all low health units. Magmy - fires deadly fireballs at her enemies from a distance. Bomba - the speedy La bomba - explodes on contact with ground units or castles.

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    Tips: complete the training league to unlock the leagues. Harder work means more rewards. By being on the front line, warrior can block and interrupt enemy skills while protecting his allies. Mage will deal powerful attacks from the rear, and will be a great asset to the team. Priest - on the other hand, will heal allies who are weary from battle.The hero with the leader skill will be designated as the leader, and the crown icon will be displayed for that character. Leader skills are powerful abilities that can affect all allies.

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