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    World story: The kingdom of Egglia was once a land of peace where many different races lived in harmony - until the Great Ogre war nearly wiped them out. Now, Egglia has been sealed away within countless eggs, just waiting to be freed. Dunkel and the gnomes would like our help with expansion. Once their workshops grow, they’ll be able to carry new kinds of houses and furniture. Try venturing out beyond town. Tap the EGGLIA Legend world icon on the right side of the screen. Traversing the field - roll the dice to proceed along movable spaces. If a tree or enemy is within attack range, you can tap them to cut them down.You can cut down trees for lumber, which is used to make houses and furniture. The more you have, the better you can make your town.

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    Eggs info: Try cracking open a niebel egg. Tap the egg icon on the right of the screen, then select an eg to open by tapping place. Eggs can only be opened next to lands that have already been built. Try tapping a location where you’d like to place the new land. When some lands are placed next to each other, their topography may react and cause new stages to appear. Tasty treats - meat, veggies, fish, everything marigold cooks turns out delicious, but that doesn’t mean every spirit will love each dish. Some spirits share favorite foods, though, so get marigold to make what works best for you!
    Races EGGLIA Legend: the Quazos - have you heard about the sticky, slippery quazos? They can occasionally be found around town, so if you’ve yet to see one, it’s time to start looking! They’re not yet strong enough to go into houses, but…..The Tomte - do you known about the tomtes - the race with the pointy hats and flowers? If you’ve yet to see one, try looking! They’re not easy to find, but putting out lots of furniture of a certain color might improve your chances.

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    Tips (android game): map making - if you haven’t taken a look at the town map, try opening it up from the menu. Not only is it great for seeing where everything is, you can also tap on a building to jump there instantly. Spirit connections - spirits have all kinds of relationships, so maybe it’s a good idea to keep those who like each other together. Also, do you spirits get along well, or are things a bit complicated? Try to pay attention to such things. You can use egg shells to move lands that have already been built to a new location of your choosing.

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    1. QPQR2qRIxG - marigold
    2. gXQxLmRicK - food
    3. D6wr7L7CCl - egg shell
    4. B4hnYGZg2T - tick tock
    5. Aw7WXEORyF - level up
    6. k8xedC7Zef - craft
    7. fRROO83QR6 - materials
    8. b6t1EC3kui - unlimited energy
    9. VYRmuVn7uE - credits

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