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    . Demoncer cheat free hack code list - orange stone, ticket, gold, treasure chest, bound diamonds, enhance crazy pack, rare wings, luxurious gift pack.

    Skill fragments can be used to learn new skills or promote old ones. You’ll also need skill stones after a certain level. You can find skill fragments in all chronicles. But some of this is easier done than said. You can use skills in the order they are equipped to chain together combos. Chain skills together to perform a combo. Tapping your actions with perfect timing will create a powerful attack. Equip a variety of skills to customize your own combo. You can complete account achievements using any hero on your account.

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    Characters info: Assassin (swift movement) - with Phantom step’s merciless hunt, is Luo SHa who control life and death. mage (ranged AOE) - proficient in frost and thunder technique, is messenger of the god. Warrior (damage dealer) - violent sword, sturdy armor, is perfect existence of attack and defense. Skill effect: Snow storm - summon a huge snowstorm, attack enemy in front for 6 times, deal total damage by 150% of attack damage, cooling time 6 seconds. All sorts of monsters appear in the field, but you don’t have to defeat all of them in order to get to the next area.

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    Tips (android game): learn powerful skill, to enjoy more fun battle. Every day 18:30 - 20:00 join escort or intercept can get double rewards. From the chest can quickly get great amount of rare equipment materials! Full body orange equipment, activate orange suit special effect. Forge - equipment upgrade, advance, enhance, and open the craft path of artifact. Common, elite and team dungeon of first 3 star stage clearing can get 3 star treasure chest. Every day completing all type of dungeon, is the crucial path to strengthen. The larger the number you roll, the more damage you’ll deal. If your health point falls to 0, or you run out of turns, you will lose all your items and the game will end. Keep an eye on HP and turns

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    1. 3eczEowSps - orange stone
    2. UfbAcHnihJ - ticket
    3. DCc1msJ10V - gold
    4. fxA2Ueh2ni - treasure chest
    5. ObtuwpBhFW - bound diamonds
    6. uxA9U5E0tE - enhance crazy pack
    7. zW4KiCvKzn - rare wings
    8. Ip1CyoUyjb - luxurious gift pack
    9. ghKm5fLYCJ - vip

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