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    Hey, you there! Yeah, you with the fancy hair staring at this screen. I see great potential in you! If you’re bald, your potential even shines in the sun! I know this city’s a bit vacant right now but would you like to become the mayor of this new city? The city hall is the heart of the city. It’s just like how my mustache is the heart of my handsomeness. First, we need residences for this new city’s growing population. Building and upgrade residences Monster Metropolis will increase the city’s population. having a higher population results in higher gold production. Gold generated by residences can be collected at the city hall. Residences in the range of pollution (brown area) will make residents unhappy.

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    Buildings: the residence accommodates citizens and generate gold. Upgrade it to increase its population capacity and gold production. Higher population and happiness lead to increased gold production! Water is also essential to all life forms so let’s build a water pump station in order to get water to the people. The water pump station provides water to residences through the road system. Upgrading it will increase the number of residences it can supply water to. As your city grows, you’ll need more water.
    Guardians Monster Metropolis: In this age, a mayor cannot protect a city without the power of guardians. Guardians are giant beings from another dimension. Scientists found a way to summon them into this world. They are the most powerful beings on this planet and can only be controlled by a few people. You can summon guardians from the shop. The only way guardians come into this world is through the portal. powering the portal requires diamonds.

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    Tips (android game): you can only place buildings within the marked cross - sections. Select a building for details. Save your action points for the most effective skills. Drag a building onto the map to build it. Remember that all buildings need to be connected to roads in order to be functional. Power is one of the basic needs for a city. Residents can’t live happily without power. To have your guardian protect the city, you must build a citadel and assign your guardian to be a defender. Assign up to 3 guardians to defend your city. Upgrade the citadel to increase the level cap for defenders.
    Battle Monster Metropolis: the timeline at the bottom left shows when a guardian is able to perform an action. When a guardian’s icon reaches the far right of the timeline, it can perform an action. The basic attack action is combo. The guardian will attack the enemy and generate action points after inflicting damage. Tap the enemy to initiate the attack. A guardian that receives damage will also generate AP. the move action moves your character to a target location. If your hero is in attack range of an enemy at the end of a move, it will attack the enemy.

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    1. IWQHprFysv - gold summon
    2. LfHvFYQ8YE - relic
    3. eQh2VKh1GD - treasure chest
    4. 0aY3uiQg9G - diamonds
    5. 061YNUnIyA - instant building
    6. h58ryypNDV - unlimited action points
    7. u7bxQh7its - gems crystal
    8. uwSvi1QNkk - upgrade
    9. tPOUVd50GB - evolve

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