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    The tyranny of the gods has plunged the world into chaos and shrouded it in darkness. Only the chosen one, with her Valkyrie powers, can end their reign and restore order. Odin, the leader of the gods of Yggdrasil, has hidden the body of Renata, a powerful valkyrie - and Astrid’s mother. Let me explain the chapter monoliths to you. Each monolith has a magical link to a particular location on the continent of Pollux. These will teleport you wherever you wish to go.

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    If a resident has a speech balloon above their head, try tapping it to talk to them. If a resident has a speech bubble with a ! mark inside, talking to them will begin a new quest. Speech bubbles with “...” inside mean that resident needs help with something. Try asking them about their problem. You can check in progress quests in the quest menu, and unresolved requests in the resident menu. Skills can be used to deliver powerful attacks or apply various status effects. Gather gems from easier battles to level up your guardians. Build or upgrade banks to increase your gold storage. Play rank mode to increase your ranking points and tiers.

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    Tips (android game): use elemental affinities to you advantage for easier battles. If you jump while moving, you can jump over obstacles. Use switch lever to activate the lift. Acquire various phantoms through summoning or evolution. Tap the watchmaker’s magic to complete the summon. Use bubbles strategically during battle to triumph. An attack from the sides or back cannot be blocked. Additionally, attacks from the back will deliver the most damage. Each character has a distinct skill. Using skills will consume action points.

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    1. B4WW8QsSVe - gold
    2. LoV07R7DEB - level up
    3. Up5V4fjBOb - memory fragment
    4. CPYcFHtlVk - gems
    5. uT7RlxTtsu - phantom souls
    6. emYuytA0of - unlimited stamina
    7. S5XcDNVBn5 - evolve
    8. 0fTnfzIyTW - summoning
    9. Ue24ZgNmzX - level up

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