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    . Diosa Force cheat free hack code list - ghero shard, summon coin, crafting mine, hero chest, gold, dust, diamond, experience tome, upgrade, unlimited energy, vip, dragon treasure.

    After enemies are defeated, Zax hurries to check on Zoe and Achilles. Suddenly, a lady who radiates warmth appears behind the statue of Goddess. “a journey of fate, is about to begin…” says the lady. The earth begins to tremble, and sudden takes off. Through the clouds, the three young adventurers approach sky island.
    We are now in sky island, realm of wind! I will be joining you on your epic journey. Fear not and let’s travel together! We have to find the tainetd essence of wind, so that goddess can purify it.

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    A green plain on the outer skirt of sky island, this is where the journey begins. Train hard until you are strong enough to face darkness! Select a hero to improve abilities and to view hero’s info. Switch to functions on the left side. Skills: holy shield - creates a shield that takes damage, and recovers health point per second. Shield bash - delas physical damage to current target, and lower target’s hit chance for 3 seconds. Sword wave - magic cause impact on the ground to make enemies fly into the air. Tips: unleash your ability when SP is filled! Remember, each summon yields unique rewards. you might even be able to get a complete hero.

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    Tips (android game): if you enchant your weapon there will be no enemies to be afraid of. Enchant your weapon and take enemies out easily. If you continue to enchant, you will see your heroes become stronger. You can also check info of your heroes and upgrade skills. If you have skill points and gold you can easily upgrade skills. If you upgrade skills, you can defeat enemies faster. Don’t forget to upgrade. When hero health point is low during the battle you can change to other hero.

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    1. chTN4FQJ2A - hero shard
    2. mCgPfioUho - summon coin
    3. bkAi3WDApA - crafting mine
    4. 9kfj0ecCmL - hero chest
    5. D093ahV3ge - gold
    6. irNIMfdK1j - dust
    7. Ifs6ZJfGM8 - diamond
    8. 1c0vuBp7KE - unlimited energy
    9. sIXLSLwJpS- dragon treasure

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