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    Welcome to the new android game! There’s a whole world of racing waiting out there for you. Your map shows you everything you can do - races, dealers, your workshops, daily events and championships. More will open up over time. That’s the basic - now it’s time to get your first race under your belt. Break your car in with the beach trip circuit from the dream coast championship. Are your opponents too fast? Go to your performance shop to improve your car. Earn more stars to unlock new zones and championships!

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    Gear Club cheats android, ios hack codes
    Control: use your device as a steering wheel. Rotate it to the right or the left to turn your wheels. You can change your control scheme at any time from the pause menu. Don’t worry about gas and braking just yet: we can handle that for you. Let’s get to grips with steering first. If you want always time, you need more power. Put your car on the mechanical workshop and install a better engine. Installing up a new part, building a workshop or servicing a car takes time. Widen your performance shop by adding on some extensions!

    Gear Club - secret code hack tips

    Tips (android game): every car dealer sells exclusive cars. The world map allows you to access all the different events and places. The performance shop allows you to service, improve, personalize and show off your cars. New zones and championships are regularly added to the gear club world. Revisit often to see what’s new! Off the road? Missed a turn? Use a time hack cheats code to threat yourself to a second chance. Flash events always bring huge rewards. Try to win as many as you can! Log in every day to win and better rewards. If you reach the seventh day, you’ll receive a gorgeous dodge challenger with an exclusive livery.

    how to enter hack cheats Gear Club.

    1. iGjopbJTNB - gold
    2. 8XUB97znCT - unlimited nitro
    3. caem90K9ET - unlock all cars
    4. s1b2D1OlXv - cash money
    5. QYm3GEFRjz - upgrade
    6. SzMyanMT08 - speed up
    7. UGwc8LzhaC - stars
    8. hMjlspKLXp - unlock championship
    9. kOJstDleVg - premium pack

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