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    Communications are up! Guys, today we have a new recruit! We need to get our headquarters back. Luckily the enemy didn’t have time for repairs after our last attack. Everybody get to positions! Recruit, tank drone controls are yours. A close range radial radar will detect the footprint of enemy tanks when nearby. This radar range will decrease when your movement speed is high. The second detector is your field of view from your gun’s direction. The range is a lot higher, but it needs a clear view on the enemy and it can be obstructed by objects. A still tank will be harder to detect, while one roaming at full speed will be easier.

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    Controls: use the right side of the screen to aim and to rotate the camera! Turret follows the camera. Aim for the enemy tank using the right side of the screen. When you aim at an enemy, the vehicle will be outlined. Outline color predicts the shot outcome: red means penetration, orange for splash damage only and white when there will be no damage inflicted. When you are aiming at an enemy Infinite Tanks, the color of its outline glow will indicate the penetration status of your weapon and currently equipped projectile. A white gray outline means you won’t penetrate the enemy armor and you won’t do any damage. An orange outline shows up for explosive ammo when there will be no penetration but you will inflict some damage. The red outline means your ammo will penetrate the enemy armor and will do full damage.

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    Tips (android game): to have a bigger chance of penetrating tank armor try to shoot side-wise and even better in the back. You can use ammo selector to change the ammo of your tank. Normal tank guns can fire three types of projectiles. The default weapon load is APCR. It has high penetration and medium damage. The next projectile, AP, will have medium penetration and high damage value. Finally the HE projectiles will have high explosive damage and will damage a tank even when not penetrating its armor. However, a penetrating HE round will do devastating damage.

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    1. EgSHA5ZqA3 - secret pack
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    3. 8e5IL6NnJS - upgrade
    4. hhbhOletv4 - auto aim
    5. wiLxiaLu49 - devastating damage
    6. BpLpOSfzU4 - one shot one kill
    7. qpalEL8Bob - level up
    8. 98UQsAy54o - gold
    9. 8dZhfZBZcW - coupon ticket

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