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    World story: in a brutal battle, a mysterious creature sunk my old ship Genrlett. I hope my old friends are still alive. I need to find them quickly and i need to start from the isle of Jeanette.
    A month ago, the news came that my father had perished. Shortly afterwards. I inherited his ship, the Henrietta, complete with a crew of sailors. It looks like my peaceful days as a merchant on land are about to end, and it’s time to learn to steer this thing. My father had a best friend who turned out to be not the most decent of people, and sought to get his hands on this ship at any cost. He wasn’t happy to learn that the deceased had a son. But i’m not giving up my ship without a fight.
    The old rapscallion has bribed the guards at the checkpoint. I could just change course, but i’m not going to. I do need something to practice on after all.

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    Controls:you can set all the sails by pressing the button twice. If necessary, you can sail without loosing full sail. The highlighted button indicates how the wind is affecting your speed. All of your flags give you a clue about the wind’s direction. You’ll see a red exclamation mark (“!”) on the port icon. This means that visiting this port is required to make progress in the quest. Approach the port by drawing a path from the ship to the island. Enter the port by clicking its icon on the map. THe ship took a little damage during the battle with the towers and needs minor repairs. This can be done for a free at any port, but pirates can partially repair a ship for free. Each faction Tempest offers its own special services to travelers. Pirates are weak unreliable and very sneaky. If you want to join their ranks, be ready for widespread treachery and deception.

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    Tips (android game): examine all towers with a spyglass and find their weak spots. The longer you look at an enemy through the spyglass, the more information about them you obtain. Obtaining complete information about an enemy reveals their “weak spot” (+15% accuracy bonus for this enemy). Position the ship so that one of its sides is facing the nearest tower. Once the aiming indicator Tempest is full, fire! You can open fire without waiting for your aiming to complete, but then most of the cannons will miss, and you don’t have all many cannonballs. Also note that you get a 20% accuracy bonus if the target is within close range. note that accuracy is reduced (-20%) when firing at a distant tower, and aiming takes longer.

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