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    . Chef Wars cheat free hack code list - rare ingredients, open town map, tenacity, recipes, upgrade, gems, increase skill, level up.

    World pre story: hi, i’m heat-on, and i have an important mission. My father just passed away. He was one of the best chefs in the world and the kindest man i knew. He’s been really sick the last weeks. I suspect his old friend Baron von Pork has something to do with it, but i don’t know how ...or why. All i know is that dad kept the formula for a secret recipe in a vault. And now it’s done. It must’ve been Baron! Dad once said he and Baron invented a recipe so yummy, it could change the world! Now it’s in the wrong hands. So there’s only one thing to do… be a master chef! Win the cheffy awards. If i become famous, i can face Baron and stop him! Will you help me?

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    For now, we’re in an amateur cook off in Paris! Well everyone starts somewhere. I just know how to make my dad’s favorite quiche au fromage or cheese quiche! And the number below it - the recipe power - doesn’t seem high too. The higher that number, the tastier the recipe! But i didn’t have time to practice before getting here! Each judge values Chef Wars different things - themes, recipe power or their personal preferences. We should learn more about them and use his to our benefit. You can see how the judges scored by pressing the question mark beside their scores.. chalk it up to learning. Some special trainings and items can only be unlocked with gems! You can earn gems by defeating bosses.

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    Tips (android game): chefs gain extra recipe slots through the Brain booster training. I know a market in provins where we can get fresh ingredients! We can use these to invent new recipes. Unlike cities like Paris, towns are always unlocked! You can find rarer ingredients, juicier tips, and easier neighborhood battles here. You can visit the market, fight in neighborhood battles, or visit the tavern. Market - on this screen, you choose which chef hunts for ingredients and pays the fee! The top shows what you may get. Each town Chef Wars has their own specialties! Like here, you get more potatoes and dairy. In asian towns, you get more rice or noodles. But whether or not you get a town’s rare ingredients depends on a chef’s tenacity stat, and how far off the town is from the main cities! Don’t forget to pick a sack and open the ingreient cards.

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    1. tzIE5o7Gj9 - cash money
    2. R6bitf74A8 - rare ingredients
    3. IBRmCZyb4J - open town map
    4. xH0rBWinCk - tenacity
    5. H0Nz6YSTO3 - recipes
    6. HOcImnHamE - increase skill
    7. Sk2N6n0cPl - upgrade
    8. hRC0G4zKPs - level up
    9. 3xbIEuMdd7 - gems

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