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    The frost priestess - Alina Stewart - at 17 years old, Alina is an expert at controlling the flow of the battle with ice magic. Alina, along with a group of devout believers dubbed the “Oracle guardians”, are in charge of protecting the city from the undead invasion. Shen then formed the crusaders - a group tasked with vanquishing the undead.
    Skills Raziel Dungeon Arena: ice beam - creates a freezing zone in front of the caster that slows the movement speed of enemies entering the zone by 50%.Biting cold - freezes the air around the caster to release a cold blast that freezes all the enemies it touches. Upgrade orb - an elven orb that contains incredible magic. Return it to the runemaster to activate rune advancement. Rune upgrading is highly related to unlocking skills, so upgrade your runes when you can.

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    Characters: Beast tyrant - is a powerful Rhino warrior with thick shin. As a warrior, Hoatson is usually at the front of the battle with a tree trunk, dealing high damage but at a slower speed.His attacks are difficult to interrupt. Soul ranger - was an elf, but became a spirit and lost all of his memories after he died. As a ranger that attacks with arrows, positioning Vilsack is very important. His attacks generate Vigor, which decreases when he’s not attacking. Ice priestess Raziel Dungeon Arena - is the leader of the city of Being and the archbishop of the Church. As a mage, she employs ice magic to control and attack enemies from a distance. Skills cost mana, which regenerates over a period time. The death ranger - a master marksman who kills his enemies from afar. He has no memories of when he was a mortal elf and only remembers his own name. Death ranger developed an extreme hatred for the undead when he witnessed their brutality against ordinary civilians.

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    Tips (android game): items sold by the merchant maiden will be refreshed periodically, so make sure you visit the store often to get sweet deals. Pay attention to the special item set bonuses. They are amazing when paired with the right heroes. Use plume of life to revive dead heroes. Hero levels are limited by your level, so you need to keep leveling up. Selection and price of hero souls in the store changes every day. Train different heroes Raziel Dungeon Arena to take on a variety of quests. Collect souls to unlock different heroes. Is your equipment not up to par? GO ti Hayden the Jester to quickly purchase equipment. Ascend your heroes to boost their status and gain additional effects.

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    1. tGmuPnmM8M - rune
    2. 204aPEkuLG - increase stats
    3. dWxuflk58L - gold
    4. KXRRAdGfaK - upgrade orbs
    5. qX7ONNOwC6 - mystery casket
    6. ho3ygYrfFU - souls
    7. bf1kvdRHdy - evolve
    8. QKaEV3aQ1Y - level up
    9. UNNzJ9e9Fk - gems

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