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    Welcome to Asgard. I’m here to help familiarize you with the game. First, to move your character you can use the joystick at the left corner of the screen. There are 2 dungeons type here in Asgard, first is Raid dungeon. In raid dungeon, you should defeat the boss monster in each dungeon. And in the end of the dungeon you will receive a reward. In raid dungeon, the monsters always aggressive, please be safe. No time limit, but the dungeon will records your time spent in each dungeon. There are 48 boss monsters you can defeat in raid dungeon. Which there are 2 difficulty types in each dungeon. Second is normal dungeon. Normal dungeon is also called field map.

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    In normal dungeon, the monsters are not aggressive unless you hit them. Also, you shall meet other players in this dungeon. If you want to grid or farming. Normal dungeon is suit place for you to do it. Remember, cooperate with friends in a party is better than do it all alone. Good luck soldier, you are now ready to start the journey.
    Characters Barkost RPG: warrior - has highest health point, good in fleeing, stunning and great damage from short range. Has highest magic point, good in long range attack, blocking critical damage and fleeing. Ranger - good in long range battle, high critical attack and has great accuration.

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    Tips (android game): practice makes perfect, that’s i always do. Cooperate with your friends in party and do level up until 6. you can play through the main quest and battle bosses with up to 4 players in multiplayer mode. You may encounter bonus waves in the middle of a battle. If you defeat the silver and gold slimers, you’ll get tons of experience. When auto battle is turned on, you can choose your battle plan. learn skills to increase the types of battle plans available. Different gear increases different stats when equipped to a guardian. If you have multiples of the same guardian, you can use rebirth. The more you use rebirth, the more types become available.

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    1. ObWfVc20uk - keys
    2. B5g2gbHA3D - treasure chest
    3. D1f44aON8F - legendary equipment
    4. xKdynKjFjt - gold
    5. IWO3uuvPjw - level up
    6. 05qNJggHlI - upgrade
    7. 9h46AsFnoN - evolve
    8. Zv0NJvAX4y - premium pack
    9. nnaZF0n5o9 - vip ticket

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