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    . Sword of Chaos cheat free hack code list - jewels, mystery pack, lucky draw, unlimited energy, resources, star souls, diamonds, ruby, vip.

    It is an honour to meet you in new android game, one of the most cutting edge mobile action MMORPG ever produced. We have prepared a pleasant and exciting journey in this fantasy world for you. Tap to open the quest interface, and view the quest details. Star souls are required for lighting up the star map, obtained inthe royal arena. be careful when teaming up with players 10 levels higher in holy sword and warrior souls events. Magical attack will increase physical class’s damage, and vice versa.

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    Characters: sword master - close range physical damage dealer; both offensive and defesive. Born into a family of knights she trained in swordsmanship since childhood. She single handedly saving the lives of the king’s men in an ambush and was knighted. Enchantress - long range mage, who causes massive area damage. A gentle girl born into a family of magicians. She learned her skills from her grandfather during her time on the road with him. She travelled the world visiting magical ruins, and learning the secret magical arts. Sharpshooter Sword of Chaos - long range physical damage dealre, adept at fighting and running. Hailing from the technological world, he rose through the youth military academy and graduated top of his class. An unmatched warrior, he can pick off enemies from incredible distances.

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    Tips (android game): every day during the game test, you can claim valuable gifts by tapping rewards on the main screen and then checking the mystery pack on the left. You will find out how precious and useful these gifts are during your adventure. When you gift the team you will auto exit the dungeon. Clear all stages of a chapter with SS o earn jewels. magical attack will increase physical class’s damage, and vice-versa. View all quest by tapping quest. Star maps have more than one grade. In the previous battle, you might have noticed the monsters have a lot of stuff. Beat them and take their loot! later monsters have more. The auctioneer will always collect a commission.

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    1. VkyBgZ8OPc - jewels
    2. 1NtyLdzK3T - mystery pack
    3. hWH0KI1XiM - lucky draw
    4. biMmCjdyAo - unlimited energy
    5. xmXPOpyl2K - resources
    6. vetBKmMM4Q - star souls
    7. whViWyym6K - diamonds
    8. Qx9Z0WBpOJ - ruby
    9. fBnE7MrdgP - vip

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